Sekolah Bisnis di Amerika Krems, Austria

Terbaik Sekolah Bisnis di Amerika Krems - Austria 2018/2019

Universitas dan sekolah bisnis di Krems. Cari semua info tentang peringkat universitas terkemuka di Krems sini, dan menghubungi mereka secara langsung!

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Danube University Krems FBG - Department of Law

Austria Krems Jerman Memmingen October 2018

The Faculty of Business and Globalization offers continuing university education within a broad range of economics and management sciences, communication, knowledge and information management, public administration and e-governance, European integration as well as in business and European law.

Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences

Austria Krems October 2018

The University aims to play a groundbreaking role in the advancement of health-related science and technology, focusing on four areas of study: health sciences, human medicine, psychotherapy and counselling, and neurorehabilitation.

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

Master Austria Krems October 2018

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems (IMC Krems) is widely regarded as Austria‚Äôs most modern and international university of applied sciences. The university currently offers 27 innovative full-time and part-time degree programmes in business, digitalisation and engineering, health sciences and life sciences. The Universum Talent Research survey underlines the high level of satisfaction among Austrian and international students at IMC Krems: the university regularly s… [+] ecures top spot in the student satisfaction category. [-]

Danube University Krems Department for Image Science

MA Austria Krems October 2018

As repositories of knowledge and instruments of communication the importance of image media continues to grow in our globalized society. Images form both networks of societal cohesion and have the power to ignite political and religious passions. Images create values and are a core resource for elaborating and communicating new scientific theories. Today the dynamics of the media revolution is re-defining many issues that image science engages with. In almost every field… [+] practical and theoretical knowledge about how images originate, function, are exploited, their history and their effects is an essential prerequisite for acquiring image competence in the digital age. [-]