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Unggulan Universitas, Sekolah, dan Perguruan Tinggi di Amerika Salzburg, Austria 2019

Universitas dan sekolah bisnis di Salzburg. Cari semua info tentang peringkat universitas terkemuka di Salzburg sini, dan menghubungi mereka secara langsung!

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Institut für Management

Austria Salzburg October 2019

The IfM is one of the leading private academic tuition providers in Austria and an education-partner with strong practical relevance. For our programs, we are relying on an international network of first-class university lecturers and practitioners from the business world.

Fachhochschule Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

MSc MA Austria Salzburg October 2019

With our motto "SALZ" (= "salt"), the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has established its shared values in social skills, avant-garde, performance and future, which are also 'lived' in everyday life together.

University of Salzburg Department of Chemistry and Physical Materials

MSc Austria Salzburg October 2019

Created by Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron in 1622, the University of Salzburg (PLUS) is now composed of four faculties (Theology, Law, Cultural and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences) with approximately 18,000 students and 2,800 employees.

University of Salzburg- Centre of European Union Studies

MA Austria Salzburg October 2019

The Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies (SCEUS) is an enterprise geared towards research as much as towards education of a new generation of academics. The creation of a priority programme in European Union Studies was particularly propitious at this time given a series of developments. The European Union has become the crucial factor in the constitution of Europe's political and socio-economic order.

Salzburg College

Austria Salzburg October 2019

Salzburg College is an institution of higher education located in Salzburg, Austria. It is the mission of Salzburg College to provide international education programs in the American academic tradition of the liberal arts.

inlingua Salzburg

Austria Salzburg October 2019

Year round mini-group courses, one-to-one training and seminars for general programs as well as business and specific purposes with varying intensity and duration.

Center for International Legal Studies

Austria Salzburg Hongaria Budapest Polandia Warsawa China Shanghai October 2019 lebih dari + 3

The Center for International Legal Studies - CILS/the Center - is a non-profit law research, training, and teaching institute, established and operating as a public interest society under Austrian law. Its international headquarters have been in Salzburg, Austria since 1976. Its essential purpose is to promote and disseminate knowledge among members of the international legal community.

University of Salzburg

MA Austria Salzburg October 2019

The University is one of the largest employers in the country and, as such, is a major stimulus for the economy of Salzburg.