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Rangking Teratas Sekolah Bisnis di Amerika Jenewa dari Swiss 2019

Universitas dan sekolah bisnis di Jenewa. Cari semua info tentang peringkat universitas terkemuka di Jenewa sini, dan menghubungi mereka secara langsung!

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FBA The Football Business Academy

Master Swiss Jenewa Switzerland Online February 2019

Created for people who want to break into the football industry, our university offers a professional Master's in Football Business which provides all the necessary tools to succeed in this passionate and dynamic industry. Business tools needed to break into the Football industry: knowledge, experience, and network.

The International University in Geneva

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

The International University in Geneva,provides a unique learning environment combining both theoretical and practical learning experience in a truly international context. The IUG education in Switzerland provides the essential skills necessary for a successful business career.

INSEEC Chambéry campus

Master MSc Perancis Chambéry Swiss Jenewa September 2019 lebih dari + 1

INSEEC Chambéry Business School guarantees quality education based on its practice of active research which allows us to continually improve the academic quality of our programs through the qualifications of our teaching staff, develop the image of Chambéry Business School Group, particularly abroad, contribute to the advancement of Management Science Research and help companies resolve their management problems.

Geneva Business School (GBS)

Master Swiss Jenewa Spanyol Barcelona Madrid February 2019 lebih dari + 1

Geneva Business School (GBS) is a leading institution that provides cutting-edge Swiss Quality Education. Taught in numerous campuses around the world, including major European cities such as Geneva and Barcelona. Our innovative methodology means students are taught in small and focused classrooms by carefully chosen faculty members, all of whom are top level professionals, dedicated to guiding them on their journey to becoming future business leaders.

The International University in Geneva

Master MA Swiss Jenewa February 2019

International University in Geneva proposes undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, International Relations and Media and Communication. Concentrations are proposed in Marketing

Maison des Langues

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) is dedicated to thinking, teaching, dialogue and research. With 16’500 students of more than 150 different nationalities, it is Switzerland’s second largest university.

IFM University - Institute of Finance and Management, Geneva Switzerland

Swiss Jenewa

Since 1971, IFM University - Institute of Finance and Management has been the reference in business education and in training future managers in Switzerland. Recognized for academic excellence, IFM is fully accredited by several major accreditation bodies.

Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

Master MA Swiss Jenewa February 2017

The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD) prides itself on rigorous teaching and on a faculty renowned for their concern of the individual needs of our students. This tradition is enhanced by the specialized and interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum.

EU Business School

Master MSc Spanyol Barcelona Swiss Jenewa Montreux Jerman München Switzerland Online September 2019 lebih dari + 5

The EU Group (EU) is a network of professionally-accredited, multicultural, high-ranking business schools established in 1973. We have campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, Munich and online. In addition to small, dynamic classes offered in English, EU students also enjoy a global environment while getting the best of both North American and European academic curricula.


Master Swiss Jenewa February 2019

CREA is a leading educational establishment in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Digital Marketing and Art Direction.

Lloyd's Maritime Institute

Amerika Serikat Buffalo Swiss Jenewa Maroko Casablanca September 2019 lebih dari + 1

Lloyd's Maritime Institute is an international educational institution, well-known by providing advanced training courses based on distance learning. The institute is recognised by the leading organizations such as IAMSA, NAMS Global, INTERCARGO, IAMSP and associate member of BIMCO.

SHG Geneva

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

SHG Swiss Hospitality Group is a group specialized in Hospitality, therefore we have several schools to teach Hotel & Tourism Management to students coming from all over the world.

Geneva School of Economics and Management GSEM

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

The Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) was the result of the merger between the departments of Economics and Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC Genève) of the University of Geneva with a history spanning over more than 100 years. The merger of the two departments led to the strengthening of our study programs, executive education programs, and research activities in the fields of economics, management, finance, statistics and information systems.

HEAD - Geneva

Master MA Swiss Jenewa February 2019

Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève) was formed in 2006 from the merger of two art schools, the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts and the Haute école d’arts appliqués, both over two hundred years old. Urban and international, it welcomes over 700 students from 40 different countries and offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in fine arts, cinema, spatial design, visual communication, fashion, jewellery and accessory design.

Zoe Talent Solutions

Master Singapura Uni Emirat Arab Dubai Kazakhstan Almaty Malaysia Ku-a-la Lăm-pơ India Mumbai Maladewa Maldives Online Ghana Accra Mesir Kairo Afrika Selatan Cape Town Kenya Nairobi Belanda Amsterdam Yunani Athena Slowakia Bratislava Hongaria Budapest Swiss Jenewa Turki Istanbul Britania Raya London Portugal Lisboa Manchester Perancis Paris Ceko Praha Austria Wina Abu Dhabi Yordania Amman Qatar Doha Arab Saudi Riyadh Amerika Serikat Houston Kanada Toronto August 2019 lebih dari + 49

ZOE Talent Solutions is a global training and consulting firm that has been serving leading businesses in many countries. We specialise in capacity building and talent development solutions for individuals and organisations, through our highly customised courses and training sessions, in a wide array of disciplines.

Institute of Business & Management Sciences

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

IBMS provides you with the tools, knowledge, and experiences you will need to define success on your own terms and then achieve it. We are committed to providing you with well-rounded and balanced yet focused education that will make you very attractive to your future prospective employers. You will have ample opportunity to enhance your knowledge through our academic programs and extracurricular activities supported by state-of-the-art resources.

United International Business Schools

Master MA Belgia Antwerpen Spanyol Barcelona Daerah Ibu Kota Brussel Madrid Jepang Tokyo Swiss Zürich Lausanne Belanda Amsterdam Italia Milan Jenewa September 2019 lebih dari + 13

Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, the United International Business Schools organization (UIBS) is an independent private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA, Graduate/Master/MBA and Postgraduate/Doctor/DBA level leading to private programmatically-accredited degrees, as well as to American regionally-accredited degrees, and/or European… [+] state-recognized degrees in cooperation with our academic partners. "the inspiring excellence of a private college, the stimulating advantage of a small-scale environment" [-]

Morgan International

Lebanon Beirut Yordania Amman Qatar Doha Arab Saudi Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Kuwait Mesir Kairo Bahrain Manamah Uni Emirat Arab Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Kanada Montreal Toronto Vancouver India Bengaluru Chennai New Delhi Pune Haiderabad Perancis Paris Jerman Frankfurt am Main Swiss Jenewa Rusia Moskow Ukraina Kiev Kazakhstan Almaty Mississauga Aleksandria October 2019 lebih dari + 38

In today’s competitive work environment, how can you easily secure all of your ambitions? How can you realize your most coveted career goals, leave your mark on the world and become the most successful version of yourself? The answer is simple: Professional Training.

GITI - Geneva Information Technology Institute

Master Swiss Jenewa February 2019

Geneva IT Institute is an Information Technology school based in Geneva in Switzerland. Since 1996, with a multinational student body and faculty, it has focused on educational training systems practice oriented with complete programs preparing for high level diplomas and degrees it responds to the growing demands of the IT market

Boutique Universities Consortium

MA Amerika Serikat USA Online Swiss Switzerland Online San Diego Washington Britania Raya London Jenewa September 2019 lebih dari + 5

The Consortium of Boutique Universities helps students achieve economic and social progress through a student-centric approach to education. Our small colleges allow us to offer exceptional, personalized and flexible student services as well as a quality education at an affordable price.

Geneva Institute of Geopolitical Studies

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

Resource Wars, Identity Conflicts, Disinformation, Geostrategic Rivalries, Global Power Shift and increasing number of non-state actors, among others make it difficult to analyse contemporary international relations.

ESM, Ecole de Management et de Communication

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

Université des entreprises, école doctorale, l’ESM, Ecole de Management et de Communication de Genève propose des formations professionnelles supérieures certifiées de niveaux bachelor, master et doctorat ainsi que des diplômes de formation continue. Etablie en Suisse depuis 1986, l’ESM dispense un enseignement 100% francophone où le pragmatisme l’emporte sur l’académisme.

ASC International House Language School

Swiss Jenewa February 2019

ASC International House (IH) was founded in Geneva in 1974. We are affiliated with the International House World Organisation, a network of 155 language schools in over 53 countries, dedicated

University of Business and International Studies Geneva (UBIS)

MA Swiss Jenewa February 2019

UBIS University is an internationally accredited, Swiss private university located in Geneva, Switzerland and offers Bachelor (dual Swiss/U.S.) and Master degrees in Business Administration and International